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   Program introduction.


About Robert Epstein.

   Robert's background in theatre, music and the history of his studio.


Course Details.

   An overview of the entire course.

  • Class Photos.
  • See a range of photos representing students, classwork, and the technique in action, plus pop-up windows with informative sequences.

An Historical Perspective.

   A brief history of Sanford Meisner, and the acting technique that helped to change the face of acting.


Ask Robert.

   In this section Robert posts replies to his mail regarding acting from his perspective.


Recommended Reading.

   Robert has compiled a carefully selected list of readings that he recommends to students.

  • Representative Playwrights Reading List
  • Selected plays emphasizing important aspects of English, American and other theatre traditions with which the serious acting student should become familiar.

Excerpts from, "The Actor's Reality".

   Fresh from the pages of Robert's forthcoming book, excerpts which explore the principles of reality-based acting.



   Register for upcoming classes by filling out the form and sending a deposit to PayPal or by mailing a check to Robert's P. O. Box.


Student Successes.

  A place where current and former students can share their successes in the working world of theatre, film and TV.


Site Map.

   A place where you can find out where everything is.  Officially, you are now folding in upon yourself...


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