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Could u briefly explain the major difference between the Adler technique and Meisner.



This is a tough question.  The reason is that Adler and Meisner really saw eye to eye on most acting issues.  They agreed on what was most important in acting:  improvisation, truthful behavior, understanding imaginary circumstances and full emotion.   Both of them had students do a lot of scene work, and they both emphasized full character development.  So the real differences were just in their specific teaching techniques.  I am not as familiar with Adler's specifics as with Meisner's, but my sense is that Meisner's approach was more step-by-step and systematic, whereas Adler relied more on corrections to the acting she saw students doing in scenes.  I would say either Meisner's or Adler's technique would give you a very imaginative approach to acting.



Name: ML,

...but how can u do that kinda technique when
every time i try 2 do it....my real anger and emotions comes out from my past
from when i was traumatized?


Well, there are different techniques that work in different ways.  Method acting would take those deep emotions and work directly with them in roles where they matched up.  Still, even if you were using the Method, you'd have to channel those feelings into the right roles, not just have them come up uncontrolled.  Acting is not psychotherapy, so if you have deep feelings that are unresolved because of trauma, you should probably work those out with a therapist, especially if you want to act and those feelings come up uncontrolled and interfere with your acting work instead of serving it. 

In Meisner technique, you don't act out of the feelings that are necessarily on "top" in your own personal life.  You would develop the emotion of the role based on what the role asks you for, and you would get into the frame of mind and the emotional area of your life that was right for the role.  We all have a lot of different feelings inside.  I might have a bad temper, but if it is not right for the role, I'm going to work with a different part of myself and bring out something else.

Anyway, this is a complicated issue, but I hope the above gives you some ideas about how to deal with it.